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You go for vacation.
And your puppy .....?
Poor Puppy without DogHotel Kos Dog Hotel Kos offers

warm + secure inside kennels only


Full-service dog care for locals

The “Dog Hotel Kos” is a quality animal project of “Alfa-Horse”, the German competence Horse and Pony Riding Center in Amaniou.

 You need for short-term or long-term stay a safe and proper place for your dog?

  Only dry and warm inside kennels protecting the health of your valuable dog against any weather influences (rain, storm, cold).



200x400cm double-kennel

DogHotel Kos Island Kennel ServiceDogHotel Kos Island Kennel Service

DogHotel Walking Service  

"Go-walk"-service included

 Kos Island Spot Whole kennel area safe and theft-proof
 Kos Island Spot High standard in kennel cleaning and disinfection
 Kos Island Spot “Go-walk”-service, three times a day
 Kos Island Spot In preparation: 500 qm space dog run
 Kos Island Spot Open 12 month / year
 Kos Island Spot On request: dog handing-over at your local veterinean.
Please note:

We accept only healthy dogs with an actual health check provided by a veterinean.
All needed vaccinations, anti-worming and anti-flees/ticks e.g. with “Frontline” are obligatory.
No fighting dogs. 
No dogs with wrong or bad upbringing.
No untrained dogs with 20 kg weight and more.





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